Raccoon Rolla

WannaJam was founded with the belief that there are amazing musicians in every city that would definitely have a larger audience if people only knew about their music and where they’re playing. Too often people hear about great artists after they’ve become popular nationally or internationally. Going out on a Friday night and enjoying fantastic live music is one of life’s great joys and WannaJam was founded with the goal of helping people connect with awesome music and events.

The staff at WannaJam are always working on new features to make the website as fun as possible by supporting a variety of musical interests. If you happen to be a musician, WannaJam allows you to showcase your skills and your art to the community. Whether you’re a hobby musician who would like to go for a casual jam on a Sunday or someone who needs a drummer for their band, WannaJam will help you connect with people who have similar musical interests in your area.

In addition, to supporting both hobby musicians and professional musicians, WannaJam provides a platform for local rehearsal and recording studios to manage their bookings, and publish rooms for rent at discounted prices. The platform is designed to get more musicians going for a jam together and provide them with great deals on rehearsal or recording space.

Ash Bayford

Ash Bayford is the founder of WannaJam. The company was founded in 2016 and launched in 2017. Ash is a Web Developer from Melbourne, Australia. That's Peanut (co-founder of WannaJam) in the bottom left corner of the picture lying in his bed. If you connect with Ash on WannaJam and he’s not too busy working on his website, he’ll probably be up for a jam with you. :-)